Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres is a short-story writer, freelance journalist, musician and poet, contributing to media outlets such as La Opinión de la Bahia, Fresno’s Radio Bilingue, and El Tecolote SF Newspaper. Fernando is a non-pay associate editor and U.S. correspondent for Dilemas.cl and editor of LatinOpen. Fernando is also a volunteer member of the Advisory Board of ExposeFacts.org, member of the advisory board and review panel of The Intrepid News Fund and a volunteer Executive Producer of the documentary film The Resurrection of Victor Jara.
THE GENERAL AND THE BIRD is about a visit by a military dictator to a small desert town
To find out a little more about his work, we asked Fernando the following questions…
What inspires your work?

The misery and success of the human spirit


Tell us a bit about your writing process…

I usually write after a long walk