Deborah Green

Deborah Green is a graduate of Liverpool John Moores Imaginative Writing programme. She teaches bodywork internationally and has written extensively on her journey through sex work. Her stories are from around the world, whilst she is from the UK. The Very Best is Available to Me is her first published work.
THE VERY BEST IS AVAILABLE TO ME tells of a woman looking to catch a paying customer at a fancy London hotel. She reflects on how childhood circumstances have undeniably shaped her; how being groomed as a little girl has censored her true sense of self-worth.

To find out a little more about their work, we asked Deborah the following questions…

What inspires your work?

Wanting to do something monumental with my life inspires my work and also has the power to crush it altogether. More practical inspiration comes from my years working the international world of strip clubs.

Tell us a bit about your process…

I don’t have a writing process. Sometimes I can write and sometimes I just can’t. I tend to write by hand. Sometimes the voice is deep and knowing, sometimes it is neurotic and jumpy. It is very mysterious to me. Occasionally I catch a poem and twice I have caught two full length books. It is a self-esteem issue, most likely and I am working on that because when the flow comes I am at my innermost happiest. Mostly I just think about writing.