Nobrow 7: Brave New World is on its way…

Above: a segment of Joost Swarte’s contribution (created specifically for Nobrow 7: Brave New World)

I have a tendency to become completely immersed in the projects we’re putting together at Nobrow and often in the midst cultivating these fruits of labour and love, I completely forget to promote them before they are released! It may be the millions of projects we have on at any given time, the small team we work in, the shows, talks, logistical nightmares, whatever form the tornado of work takes – it is still no excuse to not keep all you fine people that visit us every day up to date with developments. In that spirit, I have vowed to myself that I need to do a better job of telling you more frequently what we are mixing up at the Nobrow towers. The news of the day today is the unbelievable font of talent gushing forth in the next volume of our eponymous magazine.

Pictured above is the work of what some of you will recognise as the godfather of the art comics form, having influenced and been involved with the entire RAW generation’s comic machinations (notably being a big influence on a young Chris Ware), we are proud to announce that the inimitable Joost Swarte has joined our roster of artists for this issue of Nobrow. This legend of Ligne Claire, a term which he himself coined in ’77, Joost has designed furniture, public spaces, stained glass windows and even entire buildings and continues to innovate and push the medium in ways that befuddle and awe. Well he has made no exception with his stunning contribution to our Huxley-inspired tome. Bow to thy great Ford and rest assured we will deliver plenty more morcels of mouth watering previews over the next month… Nobrow 7: Brave New World hits stores nationwide end of May/early June!!