Juniper Mae Activity Sheets

Have you read Juniper Mae: Knight of Tykotech City yet?

Juniper Mae is a certified kid wonder. She builds jet packs, socks that keep your feet warm and dry, floating fish bowls. But a slight malfunction with one of her latest inventions causes her to crash-land in the dangerous forests around her city, and there she discovers a whole world of mystery, ancient knights and even a small green tama-tama friend, Albie…

In the book, Juniper Mae loves to help her dad around the family repair shop by fixing and making things. If you are like Juniper and love creating things use the sheets provided below to design, draw, and colour!

Juniper Mae: Knight of Tykotech City

Sarah Soh

Tykotech City is home to the most incredible technology you’ve ever seen, but something is going horribly wrong with all of it and there’s only one tiny inventor that stands between the city and total darkness…