Flying Eye Festive Gift Guide

With the festive season arriving, we are all searching for the perfect gift to share with our little ones. Let a book take your child’s eyes on a journey of magic and wonder this Christmas – whether it’s a visit to the pastel-coloured forests of When I’m Big, diving into a synchronised swimming competition in The Adventures of Team Pom, or trekking through the lush forests of Myanmar in Bandoola: The Great Elephant Rescue

This gift guide shares our favourite titles – we guarantee that any young reader will be thrilled to unwrap one of these beauties this holiday season!

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Picture Books for Babies & Toddlers 

When I’m Big 

Ella Bailey

When I’m Big is the gorgeously illustrated tale of a tiny dinosaur with one huge question: what will I be like when I’m big? Curious young readers will join Fern on her quest to discover the answer as she meets all kinds of different dinosaurs and finds out more about herself along the way. 

Perfect for little ones 0-3! This one comes the creator of favourites No Such Thing and One Day On Our Blue Planet, Ella Bailey.


Andrea Ballance & Grasya Oliyko

Her eyes reflect the whole universe, her paws swirl in the fabric of space, and her whiskers contain cosmic dust… Creature is a cat dreaming and playing in space. A magical, mystical picture book introducing the wonder of space, perfect for a child who loves their feline friend! Creature makes a wonderful bedtime story too with flowing, rhythmic prose and dazzling illustrations. 

Freedom, We Sing

Amyra León & Molly Mendoza

Another visual treat, Freedom, We Sing is an inspiring picture book full of beautiful, immersive illustrations. Inside, a mother and child share a beautiful message of peace, equality, and freedom as they discuss the world and the people in it. With a musical rhythm to its words, this one is wonderful to read aloud, or even sing. 

Books For 3-7 Year Olds 

Leo And The Gorgon’s Curse

Joe Todd-Stanton

If you haven’t picked up the Brownstone’s Mythical Collection series yet, you’re in for a treat! Each book sees the eccentric Professor Brownstone enter his vault to uncover the true story of one of his incredible ancestors – and in this fourth instalment, we journey all the way back to Ancient Greece!  

Leo and The Gorgon’s Curse introduces unlikely hero Leo Brownstone, and his quest to save Athens from cunning monsters – without slaying any beasts!

A sure hit with fans of the series, and with anyone interested in the fascinating tales of Greek mythology.

The Planet in a Pickle Jar

Martin Stanev

A charming story about a planet-saving grandma! This one is heart-warming and truly magical – perfect to share between grandparent and grandchild this winter.

Two children think their grandma is old and dull – they don’t like her boring food or her long, boring stories. But this visit to grandma’s house is full of surprises when they discover that their grandma is keeping the world safe, preserving all the best things one pickle jar at a time. The Planet in a Pickle Jar is a stunning picture book about looking after our world and treasuring what is most important to us.  

Non-Fiction Books For All Ages


William Grill

Discover the moving true story of an elephant who becomes a war hero. 

Follow the lives of Bandoola the elephant, his keeper Po Toke, and war veteran James Howard Williams as they undertake a journey to rescue over 200 refugees and a herd of logging elephants from war-torn Myanmar. From award-winning illustrator William Grill, Bandoola: The Great Elephant Rescue is about the strength that can arise from working together when the world is full of danger. 

Beetles For Breakfast

Madeleine Finlay and Jisu Choi

Full of hope, funny facts, and bright illustrations, Beetles For Breakfast envisions an exciting future where science and technology help us to deal with climate change while enhancing our lives. Each chapter takes on a new area of daily life, exploring some of the creative inventions being developed by scientists around the world – like eating beetles for breakfast, using poo to heat our homes, and bringing woolly mammoths back from extinction!   

Bold, inspiring, and often silly – budding inventors and climate-conscious youngsters will love discovering how our lives could look completely different in the future.

Curious About Crocodiles

Owen Davey

Is your little one curious about crocodiles? Or perhaps they’re bonkers about beetles? Or crazy about cats? 

Learn more about all kinds of incredible creatures in Owen Davey’s series of fascinating illustrated guides! Packed with facts about their behaviour, biology, history and more, each book is an ode to a majestic animal we share our world with. Kids (and adults!) of all ages are guaranteed to learn something new. 

Curious About Crocodiles is the latest in the series, all about our chomping chums! Get the answers to your crocodile questions – like ‘what’s the difference between a crocodile and an alligator?’, ‘what sound does a crocodile make?’ – and even, ‘can a crocodile climb a tree!?’.

Full of fun illustrations and engaging facts, this book will leave you with a new appreciation for these incredible reptiles!

Books for Middle Grade Readers (7+)

The Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happens

Isabel Roxas

Go on a rollicking adventure with Team Pom – the hilarious self-proclaimed oddball trio doing their best to achieve synchronised swimming superstardom!

When Ruby, Roberta and Agnes meet a giant squid with a penchant for choreography, it looks like they could finally take gold – but now there’s a sinister pair of bowler-hat-wearing rats on their tail!

The Adventures of Team Pom: Squid Happens is the eccentric and endearing comic from Isabel Roxas guaranteed to have the whole family laughing out loud!

Hilda’s Book of Beasts and Spirits

The perfect gift for fans of the Netflix hit series Hilda! Hilda’s Book of Beasts and Spirits is your guide to creatures from the Wilderness to the centre of Trollberg. 

And – if you haven’t met Hilda yet – look no further for the perfect holiday gift for your adventure-loving reader! Hilda started out as a series of comics from Luke Pearson available here, and then became a series of fiction books that fit alongside the animated Netflix series.

Now, Hilda’s Book of Beasts and Spirits comes from the world of Hilda – even including Hilda’s helpful notes! Young Sparrow Scouts will love learning more about their favourite magical beings inside the pages of this tell-all guide. 

The Secret Lives of Dragons

Prof Zoya Agnis and Alexander Utkin

The perfect gift for a little one who loves dragons! Discover everything there is to know about these elusive creatures – like how they breathe fire, and how to spot them in the wild. Compiled by a world-famous professor of dragon studies, The Secret Lives of Dragons is the ultimate guide to these incredible reptiles. 

This guide is the third in the series – following The Secret Lives of Mermaids and The Secret Lives of Unicorns

Books For Older Readers

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a young person or adult, look no further than Nobrow – home to gorgeous visual treats that make fantastic gifts. Whether you’re searching for comics, graphic novels, non-fiction books, or just something beautiful! 

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