Felt Mistress – ‘Hey! Who’s This Guy?’ opens Thursday at Nobrow Gallery

Tantalising isn’t it? Well if you want to see precisely who these guys are, you’ll have to make sure you make it to the opening of Felt Mistress and Jonathan Edwards’ show at Nobrow gallery this Thursday at 6pm. There, FM will be displaying her latest slew of colourful and expertly crafted characters, including the glamorous Hester Flent and the stylish Anton Tretcher, and a whole bunch of meter long beetles… All the cool felt folk will be there, will you?

Hey! Who’s this Guy? by Felt Mistress and Jonathan Edwards opens at Nobrow Shop and Gallery, 62 Great Eastern Street, on Thursday the 18th of May, PV 6pm-9.30pm,┬áRSVP if you haven’t already!