Comics Gift Guide

Give the gift of comics this Christmas! 

If you’re searching for the perfect gift this holiday season, Nobrow is home to gorgeous visual treats that make fantastic gifts. Whether you’re searching for comics, graphic novels, non-fiction books or just something beautiful – this guide will help you to navigate what we have to offer! 

Best Illustrated Non-Fiction

The Art of Drag

Jake Hall, Helen Li, Jasjyot Singh Hans and Sofie Birkin

A detailed exploration of the cultural phenomenon, The Art of Drag is the ultimate compendium for anyone in your life with an interest in drag, whether they’re a casual drag race viewer or a devoted drag fan. 

Gorgeous inside and out, this documents all things drag including influences like mime and Kabuki Theatre, as well as the revolutionary Stonewall riots, the New York ballroom scene and RuPaul’s Drag Race. The illustrations dazzle as author Jake Hall accounts each step in drag’s history, from its ancient beginnings to glimpses into its future from well-known drag stars.  

An Illustrated History of UFOs

Adam Allsuch Boardman

This masterclass in ufology details history’s most famous UFO sightings and abductions alongside the artefacts, agencies and aircraft behind the legend. From UFO cults and to the secrets of Area 51 – this is an unmissable guide perfect to help suspecting earthlings discover what is fact and what is science fiction.

A stunning coffee table book as well as a thorough handbook – gift this book to your UFO-sceptical and believing friends alike! 

An Illustrated History of Filmmaking

Adam Allsuch Boardman

And, if you’re a fan of Adam Allsuch Boardman’s signature graphic style, why not pick up An Illustrated History of Filmmaking too? Aspiring filmmakers, regular cinema-goers and movie addicts will all treasure this celebration of cinema’s impact on entertainment and our world. 

For graphic-novel lovers

Memories From Limón

Edo Brenes

From award-winning illustrator Edo Brenes, Memories From Limon tells the unexpected history of one Costa Rican family. When Ramiro becomes fascinated by the life the older generations of his family had in Limon, his interviews with family members lead him to discover a secret that has been hidden for decades. 

Beautiful, funny and honest, Memories From Limon is an original comic full of heart – the ultimate thoughtful gift this Christmas. 

How To Pick a Fight

Lara Kaminoff

Original and energetic, How To Pick a Fight is the graphic novel that bursts from the page and delivers a sucker punch right to the eyes! Scrappy young Jimmy is determined to fulfil his dream of becoming a boxing legend – just like his hero Pimento Gonzalez – and he’s about to start a fight with anyone, or anything, that stands in his way.

This book is perfect for kids and grown-ups alike who are looking for a hilarious and heart-wrenching addition to their comic collection. 

In Waves

AJ Dungo

Lovers of surfing as well as memoir readers will appreciate this visually arresting graphic novel, where AJ Dungo remembers his late partner and the shared love of surfing that endured throughout their difficult times.

Alongside this account of his partner as they face her prolonged battle with cancer, Dungo explores the great heroes of surf and the history of the sport in a stunning graphic novel that is as moving as it is fascinating.  

DeadEndia: The Watcher’s Test & DeadEndia: The Broken Halo

Hamish Steele

Any comic fan will be thrilled to unwrap DeadEndia this festive season! Take a journey with Barney and Norma as they go about their day jobs in haunted house theme park, DeadEndia, which may or may not be a portal to hell. Through two instalments, the pair must tackle demons, ghosts, wizards – and, even scarier, romance. 

With a diverse cast, hilarious twists, and a Netflix adaptation to look forward to – you can’t go wrong with gifting this title to your comic-loving friends! 

For the illustration lovers

Beautiful works that speak for themselves! Each of these is a concertina book that unfolds into a stunning double-sided panorama.

Worse Things Happen At Sea

Kellie Strom

Everything Eventually Connects

Loris Lora

For something different…

These Great Athenians

Valentine Carter

This year, we launched a sister imprint that brings our passion for beautiful and high-quality books to the literary world. One of our latest titles is These Great Athenians, a stunning poetic retelling of Homer’s The Odyssey reimagining the seldom heard voices of female characters from Circe to Scylla. Nonbinary author Valentine Carter has written this title as an ode to those who survive within and exist outside of gender norms.

With opulent gold-foiling on the cover and colourful sprayed edges, this book makes a good-looking gift for someone who loves when the classics get a fierce, feminist take. 

Children’s Books Gift Guide

Let a book take your child’s eyes on a journey of magic and wonder this Christmas – whether it’s a visit to the pastel-coloured forests of When I’m Big, diving into a synchronised swimming competition in The Adventures of Team Pom, or trekking through the lush forests of Myanmar in Bandoola: The Great Elephant Rescue

Find beautiful books that any young reader will be thrilled to unwrap this holiday season!

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