The Wolves of Currumpaw

William Grill

1892, New Mexico. A wolfpack roams the Currumpaw Valley, preying on the cattle and evading capture by the exasperated local ranchmen. Due to his knowledge of wolf behaviour, a British naturalist by the name of Ernest Thompson Seton is employed to hunt down their notorious pack leader, king Lobo…

A beautiful and moving re-telling of the first short story from Ernest Thompson Seton’s 1898 classic collection, ‘Wild Animals I Have Known’, this second book from award winner William Grill takes us back to the dying days of the old west.

Weight 0.65 kg
Dimensions 30.5 × 24.5 × 1.5 cm
Pages 88pp
Format Hardback
ISBN 9781909263833
Age 12-14 years 7-11 years
Books Children's Books
Genre Non-fiction
Tags Children's Books Hardback Non Fiction

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