The Adventures of Team Pom: The Last Dodo

The oddball adventures of Team Pom continue with another action-packed romp through New York City—this time with even more hilarious shenanigans, sticky situations, and hungry villains in bowler hats.

It’s the summer break in Shadyside, Queens, and Team Pom’s investigation into the mysterious organization called C.A.O.S, and its sinister boss Steve, have hit a dead end.

Seeking a bit of inspiration, Roberta, Ruby and Agnes head to the Natural History Museum to spend time with Ruby’s aunt, a de-extinction biologist in training who’s just stumbled upon a precious sample of Dodo remains. But C.A.O.S. lurks in the shadows with Dodo schemes of their own!

Can Team Pom foil Steve’s plans in time to save the entire city? Can peanut butter really fight evil? Or is New York City finally going to the birds?

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The Adventures of Team Pom: The Last Dodo

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 22.5 × 17 cm
Pages 96pp
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781838740559
Age 7-11 years
Books Children's Books Illustration Books
Genre Comic Books
Tags 7-11 Children's Books Fiction Flying Eye Books Graphic Novels Paperbacks

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