Juniper Mae: Secrets of the Guardian Knights

Sarah Soh, Tim Fraser

Discover the newest instalment in the Juniper Mae series, as Tykotech City faces a new enemy!

Deep in the forest, Juniper Mae and her best friend Albie are working hard to become Guardian Knights. When they’re not helping the tama-tamas with amazing new inventions, they’re discovering ancient artefacts, training to fight evil, and learning more about their ancient knightly heroes.

But a great darkness is rising close to home, and when one of Juniper’s latest inventions creates a rift between her and Albie, they must find a way to work together to take the latest evil down and save their beloved forest.

Dimensions 27.9 × 20.2 cm
Pages 64pp
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781838741693
Age 5-7 years
Books Illustration Books
Genre Fiction Illustrated Young Fiction
Tags Children's Books Flying Eye Books Graphic Novels


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