Fantasy Sports 1: The Court of Souls

Join Wiz and Mug, the unlikeliest of duos, on a mission to defeat He of the Giant Steps.

Wiz and Mug are sent on a dangerous mission to raid a bountiful Ancient Egyptian tomb protected by skeleton guards and an Egyptian Pharaoh. However, in order to fulfil their mission, the pair must combine their brains and brawn, abide by the ancient law of the land, AND beat the Pharaoh in a game of basketball! The question is – can they trust their opponents to play by the rules? Or will they be stuck in the tomb . . . forever?

Dimensions 28 × 20 × 1 cm
Pages 56pp
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781838741501
Age 12-14 years
Books Children's Books
Genre Comic Books
Tags Children's Books Comics Flying Eye Books Graphic Novel

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