Curse of the Chosen Volume 1: A Matter of Life and Death & A Game Without Rules

A brand-new bind-up of the first two tales in Alexis Deacon’s Geis series in one glorious volume, packed full of action, magical happenings and characters you’ll never forget.

As the great chief matriarch lay dying, she gave one final decree: Upon her death there would be a contest. Having no heir of her own blood she called on the Gods. Let fate decide the one truly worthy to rule in her place. The rich, the strong, the wise, the powerful; many put forward their names in hope of being chosen. But when the night came… only fifty souls alone were chosen.

Join our cast of characters in a spell-binding journey of betrayal, magic and tragedy as they battle their way through a series of tasks set by a sorceress of unimaginable power, all with the purpose of discovering who will be the next ruler. As our protagonist, Io, fights for her life and faces horrifying consequences, will her fellow chosen souls band together to defeat evil, or is it every soul for themselves?

Weight 0.85 kg
Dimensions 23 × 17 cm
Pages 216pp
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781910620830
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Genre Comic Books Fiction
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  1. Richard Howlett

    Curse Of The Chosen Volume I: A Matter of Life and Death & A Game Without Rules by Alexis Deacon

    This book took me by surprise!

    The story sees a powerful witch put a host of would be leaders through various tests in order to find out who is worthy. The witch has ulterior motives though, and it’s up to our hero, Io, to stop her!

    My first impressions weren’t particularly great… The artwork didn’t seem to be to my usual taste, and initially the language used seemed a little stilted, almost like an old newspaper comic strip. Together this made the book come across as something maybe aimed at younger readers.

    But how wrong I was!

    Somehow, halfway through the first story (the book contains two stories or chapters), it had converted me completely, and I was turning every page as fast as I could just to see whatever happened next!

    It’s a genuinely exciting fantasy book, with interesting characters and plot. And it’s definitely not for younger children as there’s plenty of violence and murder!

    The art might not be something that I would usually gravitate towards, but it really worked for the story, and after a while I really began to appreciate all the added detail. Action scenes seemed to flow really well too!

    I definitely need to know how this story finishes, so I’ll definitely be getting the next volume which is already available to pre-order!

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