Cramond Island

Cramond Island is the first instalment in the story of Jean Baptiste Baigorri, created by Basque comic book virtuoso Irkus M Zeberio. At 19 x 27 cm it is one of Nobrow’s largest short-run comics to date. Come join in with the absurdity of Jean Baptiste and his merry, maniacal band of cohorts as the he comes ever closer to his destiny: literary greatness.

Introducing Jean Baptiste Baigorri: poet, freedom fighter and existential superhero. The first instalment of Jean Baptiste’s epic and absurd adventures, the mammoth-bearded bard gets sucked into a world of clandestine intrigue, finding himself aiding a group of anti-capitalist activists as they plot to spark a revolution. Their goal: to fill the cashpoints of Scotland with rousing political poetry!

Beginning with a phone call informing our hero of his grandmother’s urgently declining health, Jean Baptiste quits his oppressive job in a vending machine sandwich factory (appropriately and literally situated at the gates of hell) in order to visit her. Enraged and maybe just a little enamoured with the charismatic poet, the factory’s demonically obese owner sends their most fearsome underling out to drag Baigorri back into wage-slavery.

In this first adventure of a series that will span nations, worlds and even dimensions we meet a wonderfully deranged cast of friends and foes, including a falcon-headed thug, a shrunken-headed monster bodyguard, a demented psychic, a Russ Meyer-figured resistance member, a religiously devout cleaner, and the strangest rendition of Karl Marx you’re likely to have ever seen.


Weight 0.160 kg
Dimensions 27 × 19 cm
Pages 36pp
Format Paperback
ISBN 9781907704284
Tags Comics Nobrow

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